COVID19 - The Tough Enemy!

By Dilan Davis, 29 April, 2021
Doctor in PPE

I have seen so many sick people throughout my MBBS and now during my residency. Have seen many dying. But have never seen something deadly like COVID19, taking lives of many whom I have talked to, whom I have known for sometime, whom I never expect to die so young. While taking my rounds in ICU last night, one of the patients asked for my phone to talk to his daughter. After talking, he told that she is an intern at a nearby college. She was on duty there. And here he is fighting for his life on 100 percent BiPAP ventilation. The next patient was a 25 year old young guy. One year younger than me and still on 100 percent BiPAP since 2 days. And no comorbidities. For one second I thought I was quite lucky that I got well after getting infected without getting serious. This patient, even if he gets well, might have to live with all the sequelae of the damage covid has done to his lungs. One another was a tamilian guy, 32 year old, whom I had become friends with in my last duty. I was told by the doctor from previous duty that he might need intubation anytime and to give special attention to him. And of the 17 patients I had to care during my ICU duty, most of them were of the age 40-55 and all of them were on BiPAP. I was literally scared like hell even of the thought that since my parents are of the same age group, there is a chance that they might also get sick like the patients around me. 

And when I went to the nearby ICU to inform a report, I saw one girl in PPE holding hands of a lady, probably her mother who was on BiPAP 100 percent. Since relatives are usually not allowed inside the covid building I guessed that probably she is a doctor or a nurse here and therefore got the permission to stay beside. Probably this is the scene in every ICU where one or two healthcare worker is holding the hands of their sick/dying relative. 

And at 8am when I was leaving from my duty I saw an elderly nurse whom I have known since 2 years. Her 45 year old sister was admitted in the same floor as mine 3 weeks back when I was positive. Her condition had quickly worsened and she was shifted to ICU soon. She expired few days later. The nurse held my hands and told me 'everyone tried their best, still I lost her, abhi kya kare?' The nurse was also leaving from her COVID duty, still trying to save patients from the enemy who took her sister's life. 

It's a tough fight. A sad one too. Every healthcare worker is trying their best against this deadly enemy who might take away their or their close ones' lives. I guess common people are also with us in this fight by taking vaccines as scheduled and practicing COVID appropriate behavior. I hope all of this ends soon!


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