By Dr Arneet Arora, 31 December, 2020
Dean AIIMS Bhopal

The experience is worth a share for being a Dean of an institute like AIIMS, Bhopal was something I had not comprehended despite all the thought I gave before I consented to accept. It was the 6th year of the Institute and I remained Dean till its 8th year. Many friends were surprised when I agreed to accept this assignment. To me the Institute is a philosophy, a vision, a dream. I knew that I will be here for a limited time and the Institute feels immortal.


By Dr Arneet Arora, 19 November, 2020
Being a woman

Our society and culture discourage women to excel and move ahead professionally. It takes me years to understand but I am thankful that I finally can. Having grown in a relatively evolved family, thankfully with no brothers, I felt I had not seen discrimination for women. Retrospectively I realize it was 'conditioning' or 'normalizing' which made me feel so. We normalize everything. Girls must stay indoors, love dressing up, play with dolls, smile often, cook well, be docile, predictable, safety-oriented, and not be fun-loving. I wonder why.

By Abhijith C Anil, 24 April, 2020
Night shot of a starry sky

The thing about small towns and places is the repetitiveness of their daily life. Growing up, I remember  these short periods of power outage  by the government which used to be at a different time every week. It was the time my  family would pluck their eyes off the television and gather in the courtyard  to sit back and chit-chat.

By suseender sat, 10 April, 2020
To be Tenacious

It is never going to be easy to explore such writing in my life. I am sure this would not just test the reader’s emotional range wide band of emotional radiation, it may also helps you obtain better understanding about the thoughts and dreams that could alter your reality. This write up speaks about the summary of a wonderful father, sensible guiding soul, optimistic butterfly which always takes its kit and kin towards betterment who reached eternality. There is no fiction involved to make the reader indulge in the collection of events.