By Dr Arneet Arora, 14 April, 2021
Sexual Assault and Women

When did we last apologise to a victim of sexual offence, for not being able to protect her from being acted upon violently, perhaps in a bus, roadside or any other public space? When did we make a legal and/or psychiatric counselor available to her from the time of reporting the crime? Maybe we should answer easy questions first. When did we last sensitise the police, public and doctor to have a sensitive attitude? When did we last confirm that the reporting of crime and its treatment is not equally or more painful than the crime?


By arneet, 19 February, 2017
This is where I had tea on my way to court.

A short summary of a court evidence describes the importance of analysis of intracranial haemorrhages during court evidence. The details of the case, name of the deceased, location of the court and name of the other expert have been purposely hidden.