By piyush sureka, 30 March, 2015
Solitude and introspection

Sorry for the haphazard way of describing things because it wasn’t meant to be an article but just thought maybe this was the right platform for my thoughts.

I would narrate most of my life within the past 3years here at AIIMS. Maybe my life will not be normal after this article. Maybe I will worsen my life more after this by being teased more by the people about whom I just wrote this.

A big mistake of  my life was choosing MBBS but what was even bigger was taking this institute.


By freelanceronfly, 28 March, 2015
Photo of a pregnant woman

Following a nutritious and varied diet during pregnancy is the best way to care for yourself and your baby. Moreover, it is crucial to see your healthcare specialist regularly until your prenatal weeks to reduce the risk of complications and ensure a safe delivery.

The following food groups provide you with the vitamins, minerals and protein required for a healthy pregnancy. 


By Kamal K Anand, 21 March, 2015
Various excerpts from the current medical education scenario of the country

The following scenarios may look odd for those who are complacent but not for those who are looking for a change. This is a work of author’s imagination. Any coincidence will be incidental.


By tinyphysician, 2 March, 2015
During Second Year MBBS Orthopedics Clinical posting

Our final exams ended on 20th of December 2015. I went to attend cousin's marriage after that. But surprisingly, the result came after three days. That too at 1.30 am. I was waiting for the result from 10.00 pm onwards. My whole family woke up from deep sleep because of my laughter in the sense of victory. This time also I got 70% marks. I couldn't sleep properly that night because I didn't expect that much even though I was forced to go to my bed. So what I want to say is that, second professionals is comparatively easy.


By Brajesh Lahri, 19 October, 2014
Anatomy Dissectionhall

Dissection sessions used to take place after lectures. Those 3 hours were life savers during those long mind-numbing lectures. We had the time and space to use our hands, cut, tie, pull, talk question and of course gossip! It was the time of the day I looked forward to.


By Kamal K Anand, 9 August, 2014
They say that Medical Education and Training is amongst the toughest of all

They say that Medical Education and Training is amongst the toughest of all. Books heavier than your heads may be common with other streams too, but not everyone gets the lovely chance to dissect and appreciate the beautiful details of the divine creation-the human body. Here is an account of a routine clinical posting session.


By arneet, 17 May, 2014
Finger print analysis and the body of crime

Moser was dead. Sitting on an overstuffed chair in his office in arrested aggression and eyes wide open, he was stabbed by a dagger in the chest- boldly and strongly; the handle of the dagger was fixed and jutted out almost vertically from the left side of his chest. 


By Rana Prathap, 5 March, 2014
Degraded Bones

Bones are defined to be rigid organs that constitute part of endoskeleton of vertebrates. Bones are important medico-legally in various aspects as it can provide various evidences to establish the identity, time since death and cause of death of the person.


By tinyphysician, 4 November, 2013
First Year MBBS experience sarath rs , sashmi sashidharan, shiv gopal , AIIMS BHOPAL subcentre visit during Community and Family Medicine [CFM] postings.Photo clicked by Dr. Abhijith Pakhare

25 July 2013. Historians did not mark anything significant in their record books about this day as nothing special happened on this day, according to them. That day just like any other day holy Ganga donated tens of billions of liters of water to the sea. Same would have been the case with me also, but fortunately I saw a post by one my friends on Facebook because of which I came to know that my first year professional exam results were out. It took just seconds to open a new tab in Google Chrome and open the website and enter my roll number. But life is not that simple as we think.