By Dilan Davis, 29 April, 2021
Doctor in PPE

I have seen so many sick people throughout my MBBS and now during my residency. Have seen many dying. But have never seen something deadly like COVID19, taking lives of many whom I have talked to, whom I have known for sometime, whom I never expect to die so young. While taking my rounds in ICU last night, one of the patients asked for my phone to talk to his daughter. After talking, he told that she is an intern at a nearby college. She was on duty there. And here he is fighting for his life on 100 percent BiPAP ventilation. The next patient was a 25 year old young guy.


By arneet, 19 February, 2017
This is where I had tea on my way to court.

A short summary of a court evidence describes the importance of analysis of intracranial haemorrhages during court evidence. The details of the case, name of the deceased, location of the court and name of the other expert have been purposely hidden. 

By Brajesh Lahri, 19 October, 2014
Anatomy Dissectionhall

Dissection sessions used to take place after lectures. Those 3 hours were life savers during those long mind-numbing lectures. We had the time and space to use our hands, cut, tie, pull, talk question and of course gossip! It was the time of the day I looked forward to.


By tinverg, 4 September, 2014

Watching TV commercials and seeing ads and billboards of teeth whitening models, one can't help it, but also have that inner desire to have the same pearly white teeth. Of course, while some of us may be born with a good set of teeth, there are a lot of factors that can cause teeth discoloration. It may be because of age, genetics, vices like smoking, consuming staining substances like coffee and tea, medication like antibiotics, and so on.

By Rana Prathap, 5 March, 2014
Degraded Bones

Bones are defined to be rigid organs that constitute part of endoskeleton of vertebrates. Bones are important medico-legally in various aspects as it can provide various evidences to establish the identity, time since death and cause of death of the person.


By Abhishek Anand, 9 February, 2014

People think and believe phenomenon like brinicle and aurora borealis as the most astonishing phenomenon ever seen or pronounced in human history. Being a realist/a cat lover, the purring of my cat always remained as THE most amazing thing to me. Whenever I stroke my cat’s head or neck with my hands, it starts producing a periodic sound, continuous in character and with negligible variation with inspiration or expiration, originating and transmitting directly from neck (that’s purring). Here I have got some points about purring which, one may like to read if interested in cats.


By freelanceronfly, 8 January, 2014
Modern Chipset

The technology trends have been kicking rapidly over the past few years. We have been amazed with 2013 creative inventions such as evolving of mobile devices, high tech toys, electric powered vehicles, new gadgets, great Architectural structures and a lot more that indeed brought amazing benefits and changes in our daily lives. US inventions will certainly continue to emerge all throughout this entire period not only to provide profit but also to inspire people and improve human civilization.


By Rana Prathap, 15 October, 2013
The Concept of Limit in Mathematics

It is correct to say that the concept of limit forms the basis for the study of calculus. It is crucial to understand this concept very well before one starts his study of calculus. A mathematical and equation based treatment of this topic can be found in any standard mathematical text book. Let me start by telling a story.